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Sunday, November 25, 2018


I think it is never too late or too early for an announcement. I just thinking that the time has come.

Hi, today I'm going to tell you that the era of me being an anonymous blogger has come to its end. 


If you think that being an anonymous bores me, you're wrong. I'm grateful to be given the opportunity to write anonynously on this blog. I love being mysterious because I think it is very cool - people keep questioning about myself, which makes it really really cool. No, it's that I'm bored with it. If you think I do this just because I need changes, I can't deny that. But, honestly, I don't even know the reason lol.

Maybe it is all because of me being back to Twitter again but this time, using my real identity yet still the same old insecure me. So, I think I'm giving up being an anonymous now.

By the way...

Hi, my name is N'Rico Everson. I was the one who used Chris as an alter ego name. Yes, I'm 20 this year and I live somewhere in Sabah. So, this is my new Twitter account and if you're expecting me to be on IG, well, I think it will only happen in your dreams.

I hate Instagram because it keeps making me to conpare myself with others. Then, makes me feel bad about myself. I don't care even if I have more followers or likes. If you think they make you feel good, but for me, it is a no. I love being on Twitter because people keep tweeting relatable things and of course, cool memes. Do follow me as I need new friends, thank you.

The era of me being an anonynous has ended - it means I have to archive all of my posts here for the purpose of me reading all of them in the future. It'll be funny and I'll regret it, of course.

So this is my first post as myself, without an alter ego :)

N'Rico Everson
(The Potato Guy)

PS: Might take a break from blogging again as I have to edit this blog again. But the theme will be permanent.

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  1. i find it funny and such a coincidence how we're both thinking of coming out from anonymous blogging around the same time. i was literally thinking about it some time last week haha! 😂

    nice knowing you, n'rico :-)

    1. lol it was good to know that there's someone who had the thinking of coming out from anonymous blogging, like me. btw, congrats on your coming out 😂 i hope that we'll be just doing fine blogging as a blogger with an identity.

      nice knowing you too ^^

  2. wow didnt expect you gonna reveal yourself this fast 😂 but you have a very nice name tho. so curious about your name but i wouldnt ask more haha. so happy that youre finally walking out from your safe zone 😇

    1. lol i know right. it was unbelievable for me, at first, but eventually everything will be fine. thanks for complimenting my name. idk but i think it's just ordinary and not that special. i have difficulties with that full name of mine like since i was a child haha. somehow, i still wish that i never thought of getting out from my safe zone. my insecurity kills me everytime but i think it's still can be controlled

  3. heyyyy just coming by to hit your comment box! life's killing me but doesn't let me to die yet. too busy but still i want to take a glance at this cool blog. lol am i reporting my life's status to you now? sorry for being a nuisance. just a blogger goes crazy over other craziness haha. btw, reading this i was actually like "i knew it!" i don't rmb how but i did found your name in my comment box and when this Chris guy came, i somehow felt the familiarity? well, what's cooler than being mysteriously anonymous? when we cannot help to feel that familiarity for someone that we don't actually know. not saying we're stranger. guess we're blogger friends ha? i rmb your sweet comment about it hahahahaha. anw, enjoy your life, yourself, no matter what your name is :)

    1. omg, same goes to my life as well. it almost choked me to death but luckily i was able to fight eventho i was struggling too much.

      lol, even if we're strangers, in the end we're all brothers and sisters. no matter how we look. i'm glad that i actually can make friends thru blogging hehe.

      it's not that expensive being a kind and sweet person. it's free and could benefit everyone. i guess the world needs more kind and sweet person lol.

      thanks! i hope you're enjoying your life as well :)


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