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Sunday, December 23, 2018

"Anons on the internet doesn't surprise me anymore"

So, I've been having ask.fm account since I was really young because most of my school friends introduced it to me. I kind of like the idea when someone ask you a question and all you have to do is to answer it. Like, you don't have to set up a page that listing all of the frequently asked questions.

But, at the same time there are cons of being on ask.fm. Not just on ask.fm but every sites that almost the same as ask.fm. So, this website lets you to ask questions to whoever you want, and we just answer it creatively. Knowing about it seems really interesting, right? But, it doesn't end there. This website also lets you to ask question anonymously or with true identity.

I left ask.fm since the first time of having ny first ask.fm account and I made a comeback this year and suddenly, this new mode called "shoutout" appeared. At first, I don't even know what's that about.

Well, it's actually the same as asking question but the question that have been sent through shoutout will be received by random people on ask.fm. I don't know how but that's really interesting.

The reason why I left ask.fm since the first of having my first account was there was this person who sent me some insults and it really made me sad and scared at the same time. I don't want to put everything about what this person have said to me in here. I don't even know this person and I don't have any idea who's the person. But all I can know was that this person was from my secondary school but I'm not sure which one is the person. I chose to not to give a respond and the next day, I deleted my first account.

A few days ago, the same thing happened to me again. And of course, it was from an anonymous but this time, this person sent question through "shoutout". So, this person ask about what girls do during solat Jumaat and I answered "idk" without caps or exclamation marks.

Then this person respond to my answer, saying to me like this: "Kalau tak tahu tak payah jawab. Tak tanya kau pun". Like, seriously, what the eff?

First of all, why this person sent his/her question through shoutout? I mean, random people received the question and of course, everybody has their rights to answer the question. Of course, at that time I chose to be just a normal human being and I lost my chill for a short time. I told this person about how the question will be received by random people on ask.fm and also not forget to ask this person to just block me on ask.fm.

But this person didn't blocked me instead of wanting to arguing with me. If you think that messing up with anons doesn't benefited me at all, you're wrong. Since the update of this website, people can gain coins from asking and answer questions through and from shoutout. So yes, from that incident I gained like 300++ coins. It was just a short argument and at the end, I chose to not responding to any of this person's shoutout anymore. i never received any of this person shoutouts again.

I'm not afraid of anonymous people on the internet anymore. Like, if you're brave enough to mock or insult me, why not say it to my face? I believe that this anons are cowards in real life but bullies on the internet.

Maybe you shouldn't feel down because of these anons too.

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  1. Phewww, that anon curiosity is to that extend of not accepting idk as an answer /_/

  2. wow, that's quite an experience but it's rather funny that you actually benefit something. i never really thought about anonymity. i think it the world of socmeds, being anon kinda exciting but entertaining one is just tiring.

  3. i like this idea of anon Q and A apps. but i don't like how most people use it. negatively. stupidly. so that's the big reason i'm not interested. like that anon you found, i just hate those typical type of people. yet somehow make me wonder do people like that faced something so different so abnormal that we actually don't realized? why they been this typical? why they been so hateful? instead of acting so, i wish they could be very honest. at least, on this apps which that's the reason it's created. hmm


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