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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Blogging hiatus(?)

I don't know what to say about this. Am I going to take a long ass blogging break, again? 

No. I'm just kidding. Sorry if you feel like I clickbaited you. I'm suck at choosing a nice title for my entries because it's hard for me to summarize everything using 2 or 3 words.

The reason? To be frank, I'm lack of inspiration even though I've done a lot of draftings in the past. And guess what? I wasn't able to finish all of my writings. But the weird thing is, I have a lot of things that I wanted to say and I already made it in a form of drafts. Just imagine that today i write about things but I'm not able to finish it. The next day, I have an idea again about what to write, but the same thing happen again - I wasn't able to finish my writings. I guess it will always be like that. It just never stops.

I also finished some of my writings in the past but I have problem with overthinking - whether i should post it or not. I worried too much about posting things because I'm afraid if my words came out all wrong. At the end, I keep deleting everything.

I feel like I'm abandoning my blog too much.

Well. It seems like I have to wait until inspiration hits me like a truck without realizing it then.

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  1. hey. i'm just wondring. if you post something that is not done, would that be a charm too? like for some people who really following your post. would that make them have more interest into your post? this could be just my fantasy tho. just...maybe that's just your style? i mean drafting on unfinished writing?? lol

    1. lol i wish i could do that. posting something that is undone for people who really following my post. but i don't think that my undone posts would interest them so i think i shouldn't do that hehehe.

      i don't think it's my style but maybe it was just my bad habit, maybe? 😂

  2. I used to keep a lot of draft too. I still did (if I have the time). 'Cause sometimes, writing is not about presenting it to the audience (only) but also a therapy to oneself. Write because you want to write and let the letters screams your thought ._.

    1. thank you for such words of yours. so maybe next time i will just let those thoughts out of my mind. right?


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