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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Opinion: "Tumblr banning pornography"

Since two days ago, I scrolled through Twitter timeline and there were lots of news about Tumblr banning pornography and some of them making jokes about it.

I think it's the right thing for Tumblr devs to shut down Tumblr sites that are related to pornography. I know that if I'm saying like this, I might be attacked by keyboard warriors who think that pornography is normal and shouldn't be banned.

But, again, it's the right thing to do.

I love Tumblr since I was in secondary school because this is where art people express themselves through arts. This is where I found aesthetically pleasing photos and all of them inspired me so much to take pictures. 

Until it is used as a platform for perverts to post porn videos...

I don't even know people could actually do like that on Tumblr. Many of my friends laughed at me whenever I talked about Tumblr - and I'm puzzled. Why do they need to laugh while Tumblr is a platform for people to post artworks? Then, I found the answer when one of my friends told me the truth about it. Well, I think the truth is dark but THAT'S THE TRUTH.

It's sad to know the truth about it because Tumblr was used to be a platform for people to posts artworks and now, some anonymous perverts taint the website with lots of porn videos.

But it's okay for now as the devs has taken wise actions against it.

UPDATE (9/12/2018): Hey. I also found out that there are some paedophile users who promotes paedophilia using the platform. I mean... this is very disturbing because I also found out that some people on Twitter tweeted about how this news about banning pornography a.k.a inappropriate contents gave bad impacts to those paedophiles promoting using Tumblr. Since this news came out, there are many paedos moved from Tumblr to Twitter. I saw some threads where there were list of paedo users on it and the numbers of them really made me shocked. And, yes, this scares me until now.

If your kids, nieces, nephews or anyone that close to you (who is underage), please, tell them about this so that they will be safe. It is also wise for you to monitor their phone activity especially social media apps.

Sorry if this post has a lot of grammar mistakes.

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  1. Boi, same with me. I used tumblr to get inspired and feel satisfied by looking at arts and beautiful pictures that was posted there. Back then, I don't know the dark truth about it, until I saw some people discussing about it on twitter and instagram. It's very shocking for me. And yes, I also think it is the right thing for tumblr to get rid of those contents. Since so many youngsters are on the internet nowadays..

  2. I never knew that Tumblr was used for pornography until I joined a pembentukan sahsiah talk thingy at my uni last September. When the person who gave the talk spoke about pornography, this one boy mentioned Tumblr and everyone in the hall was like "yeah, that's for pornography." I was so confused because for me, Tumblr is where people post arts and talk about things they love (fandom etc). It's totally a good action to ban pornography on Tumblr.

    1. yup, it really was a good action but i also hope that other social media developers do the same to their websites - banning inappropriate contents

  3. I was waiting for that pedophile issue. The pornography issues only arise because of those pedophiles. peoples were mad because tumblr is the only place in the internet where everybody agrees to share everything (but mostly all different kind of arts), including in the theme of pornography, but in a positive (slightly crackheads) environment. that's why those who appreciate arts can find lots of things in tumblr and not being anxious of any negative criticism. apparently, deep in that wilderness, the pedophiles have somehow survived.


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