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Sunday, February 24, 2019

digital love (is it working or not?)

when i talk about digital love, the first thing that comes to mind is a song, "digital love" by hailee steinfield featuring digital farm animals. that song is really a bop but the reason why i write about this is not because of that.

"hey. welcome to the era of the internet and technology where everything is at the fingertips." - me [also being sarcastic]

no, i'm not being sarcastic. i'm talking about the real world where internet and technology [really] simplify our lives today, including finding dates.

yes, i'm not kidding.

proof? you can search it on google about the "best dating sites" or "best dating apps". there are so many of them. but, is it really working?

so, in my own experience, i think that it's not that bad to be on a dating site or a dating app. i mean, of course, there are pros and cons. but all i can say is that finding love on the internet and in real life are pretty the same - it's difficult. whenever i tried swiping, i actually observed that there were so many different people with different behaviours.

and, things that really make all of them different is the purpose of their presence on such sites/apps. i received like a lot of messages everyday and from there, i could actually see their kerenahs [behaviours]. some of them were really sweet. some of them were really sweet to me, but ghosting me afterwards. some of them just ask me to send nudes. and some of them are catfishes.

i don't think that dating sites/apps are working nor not working. i think that to some people, it might be working or not working so i'm just going to be neutral about it. you actually can find lots of articles and news about how a couple can find love through dating sites/apps and they even make their stories just like in fairy tales [but a modern and milennial-ish version] [i'm acting not to cringe]. not trying to be jealous but how they can even did that, right?

well, enough with such question. i think that we can't rush love so yes, they say,

"great things take times"

but, there's another story. and, i have reasons why everyone should be extra careful when you're on any dating site/app. i watched like this video from youtube [and it was from shane dawson] and i kind of like all his conspiracy videos and he even do a series [and there were 2 parts of the video now]. maybe you can look it up on youtube but i also put it here just in case if you're too lazy;

i know. i know. the videos are too long but the thing that i want to highlight here is about his former youtuber best friend. she and her son was almost being a victim of human trafficking and the story are actually insane and really opened my eyes widely. i actually lazy to write about it in here because i don't want to be a total spoiler [to this video] and i actually want you guys to watch this whole video because it's very interesting and it really triggers your curiousity about the world. kudos to shane dawson for making such videos.

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  1. oh, wow! i'm on the wrong post but still i finished reading it hehe. long time not visiting here. i did had chats with some guys on socmed. it was fun main lempar2 pikapline just for jokes. but some asked to meet but i wasn't sure if they were serious. however, i ended up pushing them away. people would say it was just a lady being cautious and careful. but actually, i clearly realized there is something wrong with me huhu =)

  2. Lazy me just ended up not watching the video at all, haha. Anyway personally, I don't like dating apps. But yes, there are people who were happily married with people they found in dating apps since we're in the world where finding a date in real life seems almost impossible nowadays. But I guess I still stand firm to not like it since I'm not the type that could easily trust people.


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