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Chris is not my name. It is just my alter ego when I'm blogging. I started to be an anonymous blogger starting this year and hoping that it will never be dead.

Why do I choose to be an anonymous blogger? I hate to say this because I think that I project negativity to certain people. But, it is the truth. The reason why I choose to be an anonymous blogger is because I'm very insecure about myself especially when I show my face/true identity on the internet. I love blogging since I'm 12 and the only way on how to solve my insecurity problem on the internet is by being anonymous. I do feel comfortable to share anything on my blog without revealing my true identity and I'm happy with that. 😊

More about me;
  • I'm a 20 years-old blogger based in Sabah, Malaysia.
  • X is short for Chris. I got this inspiration to shortened my anonymous alter ego name from Christina Aguilera's alternate name, Xtina. Also, it is my baptismal name.
  • I love watching movies and Netflix series, listening to songs I like, photography and reading (online & books).
  • Usually, I post about random things here so, I hope that you can get used with my messy blog + messy contents.
  • I'm bad at making reviews but I will just doing it even though it sucks.
  • If you're reading this, just want to tell you that I'm just a normal human so, I'm not scared of telling about "downs" in my life. It is personal. But, I think it is okay since I'm just an anonymous.

Am I on social media? Of course, I am. But still, I'm an anonymous. I don't have too many followers on every social media that I have but this is my Twitter where sometimes I rant about random things and reading interesting tweets. Instagram is the place for me to do the stalking (but not in a bad way), sometimes I'm there just to explore some good music. Ask.fm is the place where I answer all of the nonsense and weird questions. Tumblr is the place where I find aesthetically pleasing photos. Google+, the only social website that never been used but sooner or later, I will add some contents there (maybe from here, I don't know). My Spotify page here, where I made playlists of songs that I like & songs that suits my mood. I'm on SoundCloud too because it is a heaven for someone like me to explore fresh and good underrated songs. Pinterest and Bloglovin' - I rarely use these as I'm still learning to use it.

What kind of blogger am I? I think I don't like being labelled, categorized or classified. I'm not good at giving reviews. I'm not good at giving tips. I'm not good at telling stories. As far as I know, I'm just a blogger.

What am I doing for a living? It's a secret.

What is my favorite style? If you're looking at the current theme of my blog right now, that's it, I love being simple and not too extra when it comes to the way I dress up and almost everything. I don't like certain dark colors, but pastels are always a thing for me. Exception is on the black color. Lately, I also feel obsessed on ancient arts especially from Greece and also the paintings from The Sistine Chapel. Arts from the 80s and 90s are cool too.

Why blogging? FYI, I started blogging when I was 12. Before vlogging is really a thing nowadays, blogging is quite famous back then. So, I just have the thought that maybe I should start blogging because yeah, it was a trend. I feel inspired by reading someone's blog that's full of cool contents and I don't really remember the name of the blog - that's why blogging interests me.

So, if you love blogging, what do you do? I honestly don't know what am I doing but I did some reviews, giving tips and also giving song recommendations in the past. I also love to write about things inside my mind. All of these, I think that I'm still not really good. But, I hope that the more I make contents, the more that I improved.

What language do you use for blogging? Mostly, English with lots of grammar errors and mistakes. Sometimes I'm rojak-ing too because to be honest, Malay is my first language followed by English, as the second language.

If you have anything to ask, just ask me on the contact form, cbox or ask.fm because all of your questions will be appeared on the F.A.Q page. You can also send an e-mail to me. Whether it is short or long - both are acceptable.

Thanks for sparing some times to read this not-so-long "about me" page.

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