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Hey. I only able to make a short introduction about me here as I'm not even good at it. It's just a short intro but at least you can get to know me, amirite?

My name is N'Rico Everson and I was born in 1998. A proud Sabahan and Aquarius. I love watching movies, listening to songs, reading, travelling, foods, sleeping and napping, and photography. I'm not a writer nor a blogger but I know that I write because it's fun. I think I don't write formally because every of my writings here are totally rants. Thanks for visiting my not-so-active blog.

I'm not just here but you can stalk and add me on other social platforms (click the colored words below);

Twitter is the only place where I retweet lots of things more than composing my own tweet.
Ask.fm is the place where I answered so many questions from anons.

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